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The Fabulous Life Of Neil Patel, A Genius Online Marketer

Do you want to sell anything online? If so, I would like to request you to go straight to Neil Patel, a true genius online marketer. Because he helps you to grow your online business. If he was not the true genius online marketer, I think no one would like to work with him.

He has helped the companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom to grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal has called him a top influencer on the web. Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world etc.

Isn’t it sufficient to know who he is? Of course, he is the great marketer in the World right now. The several numbers of clients he is helping indicates how great he is.

In honor of his genius, we’re taking a look back at his incredible life thus far.

Here’s life of Neil Patel, A great online marketer.

He was born on April 24, 1985, in London, England.
London, England: Early life of Neil Patel

When he was two years old, his family moved to California,  USA. He completed his high school at John F. Kennedy High School.

Neil Patel saw the opportunity to make money by selling the black box. Soon after, he was known as the black box seller kid in high school. He then decided to capitalize on that by purchasing cable black boxes in quantity on eBay and then selling them to his classmates as well as their parents.

He then saw another opportunity to make money by becoming a reseller of automotive parts. He decided to get into reselling automotive parts by picking up a permit from the State Board of Equalization which allowed him to buy car parts at a discount and sell them to other students.

Photo: pixabay.com

When he was 15 years old, he entered into corporate life. He started the job at Knott’s Berry Farm in the park services department. He was in charge of picking up trash, emptying trash cans, cleaning restrooms and sweeping up vomit. He did at Knott’s Berry Farm only for three months. He quit and found a job at Quality Systems.

One day Neil found out that as an Oracle consultant, his sister’s boss was earning $125-250.00 an hour. He was shocked to hear how much he was making then he also wanted Oracle consultant job.

So he turned to Monster.com and started looking for Oracle consulting jobs. Instead of finding the job, he learned about Monster.com’s business model and that they were making hundreds of millions of dollars. This led him to start his own job board site called Advice Monkey. He spent $5,000.00 to build the job board site but failed due to lack of marketing strategy and the bigger investment.

After failing his Monster.com competitor job site, he thought he could open his own Oracle consultancy company. But the problem was: he had not got any college degree for that. Then he started taking general education college courses at Cypress Community College while in high school. with the goal of finishing college in 2.5 years.

His first college class speech made the difference in his life. After hearing his speech, one of the individuals in the class asked him if he wanted to consult Elpac Electronics on their Internet marketing strategy. He was able to lock them into a $3,500 a month consulting gig.

While working as a consultant for Elpac Electronics, he realized that he could make a lot of money and change his lifestyle by doing Internet marketing for other companies. Then He decided to start up an Internet marketing company with his sister’s boyfriend Hiten Shah (now her husband).

He got a lot of marketing contracts and ultimately earns a lot of money from his newly established marketing agency.

While you have money, what would you do? Of course, you will invest that money.

That’s why Neil Patel became an investor of Web hosting company called Vision Web Hosting. But he lost his all money invested in that Web hosting company.

Then, he co-founded Crazy Egg in 2006 that allows website owners to create tests to figure out what people are doing on their website.

CrazyEgg’s Confetti and Heatmap features are simple and affordable heat mapping tools that allow to visually understand user behavior.

He co-founded KISSMetrics (Co-founder) in 2008 AD. 

Kissmetrics is a customer analytics platform out of San Francisco, California. Kissmetrics provides visualization tools on how users interact with their website, web apps, and mobile products. It collects and shows customers acquisition data for each user.

KISSmetrics was born after the struggle Neil and his partner had in finding venture funding for CrazyEgg. Investors wanted something bigger – a bigger vision with real scale potential. KISSmetrics hit the spot and they were able to secure $4 million in funding.

He co-founded Quicksprout.com.

Quick Sprout has been one of the go-to blogs to find the best resources about online marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. Despite many free resources available at Quick Sprout, you can take premium course available there to take your online business to the next level.

Apart from Quicksprout.com, he runs his own personal blog known as www.neilpatel.com where he shares important marketing strategies, SEO strategies and much more.

Neil Patel lives at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Seattle. “I bought a place in a hotel because its convenient for me,”He had said to CNN. “I don’t know how to cook or clean and I make more money if I focus on work rather than on the other stuff in life. Staying in a hotel where all these things are provided enables me to do that,” he adds.

He writes not only for his blog but also to other top publishers. He is a contributor for several top websites such as Forbes, HuffingtonPost, Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine, Moz, Search Engine Journal, HubSpot etc.

He is the investor of several companies such as Mimico, Estately, Adzerk, Banyan Branch etc.

Because of his proven records in online marketing, he has been one of the trusted figures in this industry. His all combined companies are valued multi-million dollars now.

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